March 27, 2014

The Best Small Business Banks Around St. Paul and Minneapolis

A number of banks have been recognized as the best small business lenders in the country by BankingGrades, a website that provides grades for banks on their commitment to small business lending. The site is operated by MultiFunding, a small business advisory firm. “One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face is access to capital,” says Ami Kassar, CEO of MultiFunding.  “Our grading system and website helps small business owners find local banks that are friends of small business - Banking Grades (”

BankingGrades is a proprietary online tool that grades every bank on its commitment to small business lending.  Using public data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Banking Grades compares the amount of a bank’s deposits to the number of loans that bank has made to small businesses.  These loans are $1,000,000 or less.  “This is a very objective grade.  It’s all about the data.  Based on their lending record, the banks have shown that they are committed to helping small business.  They are making loans to small businesses,” explains Kassar.

The best small business banks around St. Paul and Minneapolis are:

            1.    21st Century Bank

            2.    The Bank Of Elk River

            3.    Bankwest

            4.    Boundary Waters Bank

            5.    Citizens Bank Minnesota

            6.    Citizens State Bank Norwood Young America

            7.    Citizens State Bank Of Waverly, Inc.

            8.    Community Pride Bank

            9.    Community Resource Bank

          10.    Crown Bank

          11.    Drake Bank

          12.   Eagle Community Bank

          13.   Eagle Valley Bank, National Association

          14.   Equity Bank

          15.   Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank

          16.   Financial Security Bank

          17.   First Advantage Bank

          18.   First American Bank, N.A.

          19.   The First Bank Of Baldwin

          20.   First Farmers & Merchants Bank

          21.   First Farmers & Merchants National Bank

          22.  First National Bank

          23.  First National Bank Minnesota

          24.  The First National Bank Of Le Center

          25.  First National Community Bank

          26.  Flagship Bank Minnesota

          27.  Gateway Bank

          28.  Great Northern Bank

          29.  Hiawatha National Bank

          30.  Hometown Bank

          31.  Kensington Bank

          32.  Key Community Bank

          33.  Lakeview Bank

          34.  Landmark Community Bank, National Association

          35.  Maple Bank

          36.  Minnwest Bank, M.V.

          37.  Northeast Bank

          38.  Peoples Bank Midwest

          39.   Platinum Bank

          40.   Premier Bank Minnesota

          41.   Prime Security Bank

          42.   PrinsBank

          43.   Prior Lake State Bank

          44.   Provincial Bank

          45.   Riverland Bank

          46.   Roundbank

          47.   Security Financial Bank

          48.  Sherburne State Bank

          49.  Signature Bank

          50.  State Bank Of Gibbon

          51.  Venture Bank

          52.  VisionBank

          53.  Woodlands National Bank
















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