April 3, 2014

The Best Small Business Banks in Seattle

A number of banks have been recognized as the best small business lenders in the country by BankingGrades, a website that provides grades for banks on their commitment to small business lending. The site is operated by MultiFunding, a small business advisory firm. “One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face is access to capital,” says Ami Kassar, CEO of MultiFunding.  “Our grading system and website helps small business owners find local banks that are friends of small business - Banking Grades (www.bankinggrades.com).”

BankingGrades is a proprietary online tool that grades every bank on its commitment to small business lending.  Using public data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Banking Grades compares the amount of a bank’s deposits to the number of loans that bank has made to small businesses.  These loans are $1,000,000 or less.  “This is a very objective grade.  It’s all about the data.  Based on their lending record, the banks have shown that they are committed to helping small business.  They are making loans to small businesses,” explains Kassar.

The best small business banks in Seattle are:

  1. The Bank Of Washington
  2. Commencement Bank
  3. Eastside Commercial Bank, National Association
  4. Fife Commercial Bank
  5. GBC International Bank
  6. Mountain Pacific Bank
  7. Pacific International Bank
  8. Plaza Bank
  9. Regal Financial Bank
  10. Sound Banking Company
  11. Sunwest Bank
  12. Unibank

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