If you are shopping for the best loan rate, you probably don’t need us. However, if your business is growing, having cash flow problems, or needs to restructure, we can really help.

MultiFunding starts by educating our clients about ALL of the loan options. We’ll get to know your business and discuss your financial needs and/or challenges. We examine the four questions: collateral, cash flow, credit scores and cost of funds. We help you apply for and obtain the best loan for your business.

Our process is fast (as fast as it can be dealing with lenders), transparent and honest. If we succeed in getting you financing, we get paid a small fee. If we are not successful, the advice is on us. We take the risk with you.


MultiFunding loan experts can help your small business secure many different types of loans. We’ve helped fund businesses through SBA Loans, Equipment Leasing, Working Capital, Real Estate Loans, Bridge Financing, Franchise Financing, Asset-Based Financing, Debt Restructuring and more.

Call us at 800.276.0690 to discuss which option may work for you.


If you accept one of MultiFunding’s loan solutions, we receive a fee, which is typically between 1% – 2.5% of the total loan amount, depending on the terms. Sometimes, the fee is paid by the lender. Other times, it is paid by the client. These specifics are worked out during our initial client consultation phone calls.

To illustrate, if you get a loan for $100, then MultiFunding receives between $1.00 – $2.50. If we don’t find you a loan, we don’t take a penny. That’s it – no hidden fees.

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