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A Tale of Four Fishpreneurs

Which one do you most relate to and why?

Four friends grew up in a small coastal fishing town.  As they embarked upon their careers, they didn’t forget their roots but tackled the world differently.

One Fisherman stayed in town.  His life didn’t change much.  He took his fishing pole to the waterfront every day and caught a few fish.  He sold them to a store and made a modest living.  He made enough to live a safe and peaceful life.

The second Fisherman started his career in the same manner but grew restless.  So he saved enough money to buy a small boat.   The vessel allowed him to go out into the deeper waters every day, and he caught more fish than if he stayed on shore.  He also lived a relatively simple life, but he was able to live in a slightly bigger home than his first friend.

The third Fisherman wanted more.  And while he started on the same path, he attended a business class and wrote a business plan to secure a loan to buy a fleet of five boats.  He hired employees and had to keep them motivated and paid to keep his boats on the water so that he could make his debt payments.

As the business grew, he needed an office manager to keep track of all of the paperwork.  He had to rent a small yard to store his boats, and manage his fleet.  He liked his life but didn’t enjoy that he spent more time administering, and less time on the water.

The fourth Fisherman couldn’t wait to leave town.  It stifled him.  He came up with an invention for a new type of fishing equipment and ventured north to try and find investors who would back his idea.  It took a long time and was a struggle, but eventually, he found an investor, and then another one.

Slowly they got the product right and started to sell it in stores.  He had a board of directors to worry about and a lot of pressure to keep them happy and make the returns they wanted.  If he can get his invention to take off, even though he now only owns a small part of his company, he will be infinitely richer than his few friends who he left behind.

Once every year, the Fishermen get together and share stories and reminisce.   What do you imagine their conversation is about?  Do you think one is happier than the other?  Which one do you identify with and why?

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