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Edward Cleveland

Director of Business Financing

800.276.0690 ext. 25

Our firm facilitates the structuring of credit facilities and loan agreements for prospective borrower by matching the financial need with lenders experienced in financing that specific asset or liability.

Edward L. Cleveland, Director of Small Business Lending, has a career spanning over three decades in the areas of small business financing, financial planning, and business plan development. During this period he has provided firms with venture development advisory services and assisted many growth-stage entities access to capital. Sources of funding range from banks through private placements to high net worth individuals.

Cleveland has advised numerous small companies on critical financial decisions, cash flow maintenance and innovations in specialized lending. Cleveland has developed particular expertise in connecting alternative sources of capital with emerging market entrepreneurs who have been unable to secure financing from traditional capital markets. He has been a presidential appointee in the Small Business Administration’s Investment Division. In this capacity, he organized numerous town hall meetings across the country and convened several advisory committees to study the problem facing small businesses seeking financing. As an entrepreneur himself, he has founded and managed several firms. Over the years changing urban land development trends, shifting purchaser demographics and burgeoning condominium market stimulated and interest in real property development. In turn, he has facilitated development of commercial office space, retail entities, and residential properties. Cleveland functioned as the principal financial planner and CFO of numerous businesses seeking capital to grow and expand their ventures. Early in his career he held corporate positions with General Foods, Kraft, and Sealtest Bryer Ice Cream.

Cleveland earned his B.A. in Management from Howard University and graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School.