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The Best Small Business Banks In Boston

MultiFunding is proud to announce the 2014, top 20 banks in Boston for lending to small businesses. In early November 2014 MultiFunding partnered with Entrepreneur Media to launch an innovative and state of the art interactive search tool, like Zillow, that makes it possible for entrepreneurs to instantly identify and evaluate local banks by their track records for lending to small businesses.

The Bank Search tool calculates the total dollar value of loans made by a bank to small businesses. Small business loans are defined as loans between $100,000 and $1,000,000, then divided by the total number of branches owned by the bank. In addition to a list of local results based on this equation, entrepreneurs can see an estimate of small‐business loan balances held at each branch.

“One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face is access to capital,” says Ami Kassar, CEO of MultiFunding. “Our grading system and website help small business owners find local banks that are friends of small business.”

The best small business banks around Boston are:

Walpole Co-operative Bank
Stonehambank, A Co-Operative Bank
Everett Co-Operative Bank  
Silicon Valley Bank
Radius Bank
Mutual Bank
Brookline Bank
Enterprise Bank
Provident Bank
Leader Bank, National Association
Avidia Bank
The First Colebrook Bank
Commerce Bank & Trust Company
Pentucket Bank 
Mountainone Bank
Northshore Bank
Cape Cod Five Cent Savings
Cathay Bank



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