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Ami Kassar

Ami Kassar, CEO and Founder of MultiFunding, is a nationally renowned small business advocate and leader. He’s committed to ensuring that small business owners have the best possible access to the capital they need to help grow and manage their businesses.  Kassar has been featured in renowned publications including the New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, he writes regular blog posts, and he’s appeared as a guest on Fox Business News. Ami is the 2013 recipient of the Small Business Influencer Award as well as the 2012 Small Business Advocate Award. Kassar blogs regularly on small business issues and has developed a national reputation for confronting and challenging the largest banks in America for their lending records to small businesses, Inc. , Wall Street Journal, and New York Times posts. He’s assembled research reports that have become a critical component of the national debate about small business lending and from that he developed Banking Grades. BankingGrades is a free tool that helps small business owners discover which banks are lending to small businesses. We used data provided by banks to create this graded system. It is purely objective (there are no teacher's pets). Banks that receive an A are given the "The Small Business Bank Award." In addition, Kassar is a regular speaker at universities and small business events across the country on topics including entrepreneurship and access to capital. Prior to founding MultiFunding, Kassar spent a decade in various senior roles at Advanta Corporation, one of the nation’s largest issuers of credit cards to small business owners. Kassar served as the company’s Chief Innovation Officer, and was charged with developing innovative approaches for the small business market. In that role, Kassar founded ideablob which became one of the nation’s leading online, small business communities. Kassar also hosted nationwide Bloblive events where entrepreneurs would share and debate their business ideas. Additionally, Kassar developed , an initiative that helped small business owners develop valuations for their businesses. Kassar earned his MBA from the University of Southern California and graduated with a B.A. in American Studies from Brandeis University. He currently lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with his wife, two children and his corgi-spaniel.

Paul Avery

Paul Avery, Director of Small Business Lending, joined MultiFunding in 2013 and is responsible for helping small businesses develop and implement comprehensive debt strategies. Paul leverages his 7-plus years of financial services experience in specialty markets to navigate the commercial lending community and obtain the best financing terms available for his clients. In order to do so, Paul takes a consultative approach with business owners and helps work through all possible solutions to meet their immediate needs and reach their long-term goals. Paul is a graduate of Lehigh University with a B.A. in International Relations and Economics. His passions include Philadelphia sports, good food with friends, traveling, and playing pick-up basketball. He lives in Phoenixville, PA with his wife and newborn daughter.

Joe McAleer

Joe McAleer, Director of Small Business Lending for MultiFunding, has over 7 years of experience in the Finance industry, working within both a small and very large corporate structure across the continental US and Worldwide. Joe has a very strong analysis background, helping companies track revenue and spending, breaking down and providing areas for potential improvement, and decision making and strategy implementation to achieve fiscal expectations. Joe has worked both independently and side-by-side with clients in the financial world, developing key strategies to increase and continue profits in an ever-changing economy. He spent over 4 years with Advanta Bank Corp working within the Finance and Accounting departments, quickly becoming a key member of the corporate facilities group and eventually being the jack-of-all-trades guy having significant roles in all finance related departments across the company. Joe then spent 3 years with Towers Watson in center city Philadelphia, working directly with key clients providing financial analysis and cost savings analysis, as well as many other ad-hoc analyses to help growth within the organization. Joe attended Rutgers University where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Economics with a minor in Business Management. He brings an eagerness and a strong desire to help small business owners, as he is a true entrepreneur at heart. Joe has a positive outlook and a positive attitude when it comes to his work, whether he's helping MultiFunding clients achieve financing, or helping individuals achieve changes in lifestyle through their diet. Joe is a certified nutritionist, an active individual, and an excited and motivated small business lending director.

Matt Andrews

Matt joined MultiFunding in early 2014 as Director of Small Business Lending.  Andrews previously worked for an alternative, non-bank lender and brings with him a diverse background in the vast and complex arena of commercial lending. Andrews graduated from Temple University and quickly pursued entrepreneurial ventures.  While working as an intern for a boutique M&A firm, Andrews stepped into an operating management role at a manufacturing company the firm had acquired and was attempting to turnaround through a debt restructuring and shift in marketing strategy.  Ultimately, Matt assumed an equity stake in the company, and led a turnaround that culminated in a sale to a larger competitor.  In his operating role, Andrews became well versed in commercial finance an, specifically, asset based lending. Following the sale of the company, Matt moved to another side of commercial finance, assuming a position with an alternative lender that specialized in funding accounts receivable and arranging purchase order and inventory financing through inter-creditor agreements with industry counterparts.    While working in the alternative lending space over the past decade, Matt has also managed several commercial real estate deals ranging from SBA 504 loans to bridge facilities. With MultiFunding, Matt guides borrowers through the complex and sometimes confusing process of attempting the secure financing, while being able to assist them in evaluating the fast changing world of commercial lending and the many options now available to the small business owner. Matt's entrepreneurial spirit remains alive and well; he is part owner and Finance Director for a Philadelphia-based commercial construction company.  Andrew's resides in South Jersey with his family and is a huge Eagles and Phillies fan.

Edward L. Cleveland

Edward L. Cleveland, Director of Small Business Lending, has a career spanning over three decades in the areas of small business financing, financial planning, and business plan development.  During this period he has provided firms with venture development advisory services and assisted many growth-stage entities access to capital.  Sources of funds ranging from banks, through private placements to high net worth individuals.  He has advised numerous small companies on critical financial decisions, cash flow maintenance and innovations in specialized lending. Mr. Cleveland has developed particular expertise in connecting alternative sources of capital with emerging market entrepreneurs who have been unable to secure financing from traditional capital markets.  He has been a presidential appointee in the Small Business Administration's Investment Division.  In this capacity, he organized numerous town hall meetings across the country and convened several advisory committees to study the problem facing small businesses seeking financing. As an entrepreneur himself, he has founded and managed several firms.  Over the years changing urban land development trends, shifting purchaser demographics and burgeoning condominium market stimulated and interest in real property development.  In turn, he has facilitated development of commercial office space, retail entities, and residential properties. Cleveland functioned as the principal financial planner and CFO of numerous businesses seeking capital to grow and expand their ventures.  Early in his career he held corporate positions with General Foods, Kraft, and Sealtest Bryer Ice Cream. Edward earned his B.A. in Management from Howard University and graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School.    

Fran Miller

Fran Miller, Associate Loan Consultant, and recent graduate of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Business Management and Finance.  Fran is a dedicated and technically skilled business professional with a versatile administrative support skill set developed through experience as an administrative assistant, camp counselor and assistant floor manager.  While working for YSC Soccer Camps and MNM Group, Fran gained extensive knowledge dealing with the management and operations of these businesses. Fran works closely with MultiFunding's loan advisory team by assisting with client outreach, loan processing and building lender relationships.  His detail oriented approach makes him a valuable asset to our loan advisory team. Fran lives in Bucks County, PA and his passions include sports and visiting the Jersey Shores,North Wildwood.  In addition, Fran played four years of soccer at Bloomsburg University where he garnered All-Region honors and Bloomsburg Scholar Athlete of the Year in 2003.

Kristie Hurd

Kristie Hurd joined Multifunding in 2014 as Director of Small  Business Lending. As an entrepreneur and small business owner for over 15 years in the Atlanta marketplace, Kristie supported businesses of varied profiles with consulting and commercial art services.  In 2007, she expanded her expertise to serving the small business community with commercial lending, marketing and merchant services.  Her understanding of the challenges that face small businesses in their day-to-day operations, including the need for working capital, has led her to act as a liaison to assist business owners in solving their cash flow challenges. As part of the MultiFunding team, she will work with small businesses to customize loan solutions that best assist businesses in continued growth and success..

Karin Fortier

Karin serves as Executive Assistant to the CEO at MultiFunding as well as other executives in the company.  In this role, she supports the management of the company.  Karin is focused on a team approach; she continually looks for ways to align details with people for a positive client experience.  She is your connection in the MultiFunding office. Specifically, Karin oversees the companies schedules for events and speaking engagements, gathers, organizes and prepares confidential client and internal financial documents for lenders and our accountants, responds to inbound client and prospect communications all while keeping the office running smoothly. Karin's professional background spans both pharmaceutical, accounting and security industries.  After graduating from the University of Texas San Antonio, with a BA in English, she worked as a contracted Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for Zeneca Pharmaceuticals and then for an employment back ground search firm.

Kate Stackhouse

Kate, Sr. Director of Marketing Strategy and Business Development, started her marketing career in direct mail/catalog marketing with Spiegel-Honeybee by Mail as a marketing and circulations manager, then found herself working as a Director of Catalog Marketing for a children’s specialty catalog managing catalog, book club and proprietary product production. Kate squeezed in a short stay at QVC as a Marketing Manager scripting event shows in the jewelry division and working with on air personalities as well as buyers. Moving forward she went on to manage an event marketing pilot program for Daimler Chrysler Corp. including the launch of the retro 300M series. Events included partnership with Vogue in the Hamptons, Nantucket Film Festival and many other grassroots marketing promotions.  Other independent projects include co-creating specialty events for Jeep and Dodge in the Southwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. After leaving Chrysler Kate became a Sr. Director of Client Services and Sales for Bob Car Media, a full service experiential marketing agency in NYC, directing client services, sales and project operations.  The experience Kate has gained over the years from the variety of marketing disciplines mentioned has given her great perspective into the marketing of a business or product, while keeping it current; having been schooled by some of the top companies in the country in direct mail, event/experiential marketing and production.  Combining all of these disciplines allows her to bring a multifaceted, attention to detail prospective to Multifunding. Kate joined Multifunding in August of 2012; earned her B.S. in Marketing and Management from Textile University.  Kate lives with her husband and four sons in Bucks County, PA.

Justin Moodie

Justin Moodie- Justin is a graduate of Villanova University and has been working along side of Ami since June of 2012.  Justin is a great statistician and diligent worker who never shy’s away from a project. Justin tackles analytics with Ami and keeps our Banking Grades data current.

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