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Multifunding_Slingshot_buscards_AVERY_BACK_PRINT READYOur blog, The Slingshot Café, is where CEO Ami Kassar gives valuable insights on the current small business trends and how they can impact your business. Read through our blog to learn more about small business loans, financing options and more.


Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Realize There Are Different Types of Credit Lines Available to Them – Picking the Right One For You Is Important

Posted on: March 14, 2019

Business owners tend to gravitate toward their local banker for financing, seems logical. But there are options for lines of credit your banker may not be thinking of that could work better for you. Whether it’s for your business or your personal finance, having ready access to cash is never a bad idea and serves

Your Bank Could Be Holding Your Business Back From Growth. Here’s When You Should Consider Breaking Up

Posted on: October 10, 2019

Sometimes you have to know when to walk away, even when loyalty is in your DNA. The bankers you work with may seem like great men and women, and they probably are truly nice people. They greet you by name, ask about your spouse and kids and appear to take a real interest in how

Why It’s So Hard to Delegate and Why You Need to Do It Anyway

Posted on: October 01, 2019

The benefit of freeing your mind to concentrate on the important stuff is smart business, if you can actually do it. No matter how well you think you multitask, your brain can only handle so many things at one time. And the more tasks you’re trying to accomplish, the less likely you’ll do them all

No Time to Get Everything Done? There’s a Specific Loan That’ll Help You Hire a Much-Needed New Employee

Posted on: September 26, 2019

Affording that desired new-hire may be possible after all. I travel often for work, meeting entrepreneurs from across the country. No matter where I might be, I hear the same recurring complaints over and over: entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to get done all the things they need to do. Of course, entrepreneurs aren’t alone in

Avoid the Temptation of Short-Term Loans and Consider This Before Signing Any Agreement

Posted on: September 19, 2019

Having seen too many businesses crash and burn from short-term lending, I want you to know there are other options. Time after time, I’ve run across companies that make a rough financial patch much worse by “solving” their problems with short-term loans. Here, I’d like to modify Nike’s famous slogan and tell business owners considering

How to Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow at Your Business

Posted on: September 13, 2019

Here, I break down two difficult financial decisions faced by business owners and what they should do to stay afloat. In the same hour last week, I had two conversations with entrepreneurs at very different stages of their ventures. And while their specific issues were very different, the theme of how to manage and balance

Here’s How to Determine If Your First Loyal Hires Just Aren’t Cutting it Anymore

Posted on: August 29, 2019

Here’s How to Determine If Your First Loyal Hires Just Aren’t Cutting it Anymore Building your company with a team of loyal and competent people is a critical key to success. The problem is that at some point you’ll want to take the company to the next level– and the team that you have built

The Evergreen Movement: A Refreshing Change in an Equity Driven Marketplace

Posted on: August 23, 2019

Here’s a lesson that every entrepreneur can learn about the path less traveled. In my work as a public speaker, I attend a lot of conferences. And the reality is, with all the trains, planes, automobiles, and hotel rooms, sometimes it all start to blur together. Occasionally, I wake up in a new city, and

Why We Need to Be Concerned with Private Equity’s Grip on American Business

Posted on: August 15, 2019

Private equity companies certainly have their place in the business world, but controlling such a large share of it is problematic. Readers of this space and those I’ve counseled in my business dealings over the years have heard me rail often about the potential problems related to private equity investments. However, it appears as if

Knowing Your Next Move in Your Game of Business & How You’re Going to Play It Will Set You Up For Success

Posted on: August 01, 2019

You should always be thinking about ering what’s next. Do you have your next “play” in mind for your business ? If so, your next move is to decide how you are going to finance it. When you have an investment to make in your business, what do you do? Consider these alternatives: Forgo the investment

Growing Too Quickly Will Destroy Your Business. Here’s How to Strike the Right Pace for Success

Posted on: July 26, 2019

Sorting through your growth dilemma is a critical exercise in determining your path. How big would you like your business to be next year? How about three years from now?  Your answer, especially if you live near Silicon Valley where venture capital is so prevalent, is probably “big” and “fast.” It’s very easy to celebrate those kinds