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Multifunding_Slingshot_buscards_AVERY_BACK_PRINT READYOur blog, The Slingshot Café, is where CEO Ami Kassar gives valuable insights on the current small business trends and how they can impact your business. Read through our blog to learn more about small business loans, financing options and more.


3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Invest Your Own Money in Your Company

Posted on: January 08, 2020

Most entrepreneurs are not sure wether to use their own cash or borrow the money. Here’s the answer. Here’s a question recently posed to me: “I am looking to invest in my company, but if I have the cash, why should I borrow the money and incur interest expenses?” That’s a perfectly reasonable question —

How to Determine Exactly How Much Money You Need to Push Your Business to the Next Level

Posted on: December 11, 2019

It’s a common perception among entrepreneurs that they need far more money than they require to take their business to the next level. Too often, entrepreneurs– especially inexperienced ones– take the “luxury” approach to funding, incorporating every bell and whistle into their expansion plan by trying to accomplish all goals at one time. That’s nice,

How to Handle a Cash-Flow Crisis Without Taking Out a High-Interest Loan

Posted on: December 03, 2019

It is inevitable that your company will hit a financial speed bump at some point, but how you handle the crisis is critical to your survival. Hopefully it will never happen to you, but many entrepreneurs face a day when things hit the fan. Things may be going along swimmingly, but sometimes there are warning

3 Guidelines to Consider When Deciding to Spend or Borrow Money

Posted on: November 18, 2019

You will never find a definitive answer but there are guidelines to follow when considering which option to take. I often get asked the question: If I have cash available in the bank, should I use it to make the investment I have in mind– or should I borrow the money and save the cash?

The Moment You Find Yourself Jealous of Another Entrepreneur’s Success, Stop. It’s a Trap

Posted on: November 01, 2019

You will most likely sabotage your own business growth without even knowing it. Cold, hard facts and reams of numbers may rule the business world, but there’s no question that the human element plays a significant roll, too. And one of those extreme emotions is one of the seven deadly sins — envy. Envy has

Why Learning to Trust Outside Opinions Can Solve Your Biggest Problems

Posted on: October 25, 2019

Why Learning to Trust Outside Opinions Can Solve Your Biggest Problems Whether we like it or not, when we make decisions about careers, risks, and investments, to name just three things, our prior experiences will influence us. That means your behaviors and attitudes today are impacted by the past, even if there’s no direct, obvious

Moving From Corporate to Founding Your Own Startup Requires a Huge Ego Check. Here’s How to Adjust

Posted on: October 18, 2019

Just because you had great vendor relationships in your past work life doesn’t secure those relationships when you go out on your own, and you may even be forced to do the work yourself. There’s an age-old story that no doubt will continue to play out among entrepreneurs across the country for time eternal: An

Your Bank Could Be Holding Your Business Back From Growth. Here’s When You Should Consider Breaking Up

Posted on: October 10, 2019

Sometimes you have to know when to walk away, even when loyalty is in your DNA. The bankers you work with may seem like great men and women, and they probably are truly nice people. They greet you by name, ask about your spouse and kids and appear to take a real interest in how

Why It’s So Hard to Delegate and Why You Need to Do It Anyway

Posted on: October 01, 2019

The benefit of freeing your mind to concentrate on the important stuff is smart business, if you can actually do it. No matter how well you think you multitask, your brain can only handle so many things at one time. And the more tasks you’re trying to accomplish, the less likely you’ll do them all

No Time to Get Everything Done? There’s a Specific Loan That’ll Help You Hire a Much-Needed New Employee

Posted on: September 26, 2019

Affording that desired new-hire may be possible after all. I travel often for work, meeting entrepreneurs from across the country. No matter where I might be, I hear the same recurring complaints over and over: entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to get done all the things they need to do. Of course, entrepreneurs aren’t alone in