Kate Stackhouse, CMO - MultiFunding Kate Stackhouse, CMO - MultiFunding
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Kate Stackhouse, CMO

Kate StackhouseKate Stackhouse

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Kate Stackhouse, CMO, started her marketing career in direct mail/catalog marketing with Spiegel-Honeybee by Mail as a marketing and circulations manager, then found herself working as a Director of Catalog Marketing for a children’s specialty catalog managing catalog, book club and proprietary product production.

Kate squeezed in a short stay at QVC as a Marketing Manager scripting event shows in the jewelry division and working with on-air personalities as well as buyers. Moving forward, she went on to manage an event marketing pilot program for Daimler Chrysler Corp. including the launch of the retro 300M series. Events included partnerships with Vogue in the Hamptons, Nantucket Film Festival and many other grassroots marketing promotions. Other independent projects include co-creating specialty events for Jeep and Dodge in the Southwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. After leaving Chrysler, Kate became a Sr. Director of Client Services and Sales for Bob Car Media, a full service experiential marketing agency in NYC, directing client services, sales and project operations. Launching mobile wifi for Comcast, T-Mobile and Clear.

The experience Kate has gained over the years has given her great perspective into the marketing of a businesses and products. Combining all of these disciplines allows her to bring a multifaceted, attention-to-detail prospective to MultiFunding. Kate joined MultiFunding in July of 2012; earned her B.S. in Marketing and Management from Textile University. Kate lives with her husband and four sons in Bucks County, PA.