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Over the past decade, founder Ami Kassar has been quoted in dozens of publications including The New York Times, the Huffington Post, USA Today, the Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal just to name a few.  We have cataloged these press articles, videos and radio interviews for your engagement.


Principal Podcast – You Belong in Business - September 2020
Ami Kassar shares a live case study: A business line of credit could help cash flow when you need it most.
Auto Laundry – 5 Financial Fixes - September 2020
Ami's feature article is showcased in the September 2020 issue of Auto Laundry News. 5 Financial Fixes-Take Advantage of the Current Financial Mess.
Inc. – The Fed Needs to Step Up to Help Main Street - September 2020
DIANA RANSOM, FEATURES EDITOR, INC. interviewed Ami Kassar about the need to get the Main Street Lending Program, a CARES Act relief program, rolling.
Bakers Journal – 5 Steps to Save Your Business - August 2020
Sharing Ami's article in the Bakers Journal focuses on “Riding it out” isn’t the same as doing nothing: By being proactive, you can not only make the most of a bad time, but position yourself for the inevitable rebound.
Snow Magazine – What a Mess! - July 2020
Ami Kassar wrote a featured article for an industry magazine, Snow. The article was highlighted in the finance and accounting segment of the magazine. What a mess! The article touches on five financial tips to allow you and your snow ops to not only better ride out the pandemic, but to set yourself up for the inevitable rebound.
NBC LX Interview – CARES Act Options - July 2020
NBC LX host Jobeth Devera interviews Ami Kassar on the PPP extension and other CARES Act disaster relief programs.
The Laundry Ledger - July 2020
Ami Kassar writes about how to make the best of the current financial mess.
The One-Hour Makeover hosted by Loren Feldman of Advantage Media Group - July 2020
Ami Kassar and Deb Gabor offer a one-hour makeover to a business owner. They discuss business and marketing strategies.
Ask an Expert w/Joshua Carlsen of Propelo Media - July 2020
Joshua interviews Ami Kassar about PPP Forgiveness and moving forward in these trying times.