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Alan & Melissa Martinson

APW sells pressure washers and pressure washer power parts on-line since 1986 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. They have been in the business of repair and sales of Air Compressors & Pressure Washers for 25 years and specialize in offering original replacement parts & after market parts when they are available. They can tell you if after market parts are better than the original, and in many cases they find that these parts will help their customers equipment last longer.

How did Multifunding Help APW?

APW was in a cash flow pinch and looking for a solution for a line of credit which they had never had before…they were in pressure situation to find a loan solution with a quick turnaround. Within 2-3 weeks Multifunding had options for them: SBA Loan, Community Bank Loan, Cash Advance Loan, and an Inventory Based private money lender. Multifunding had cast a wide net to make sure there would be an option because of APW’s time crunch so if we couldn’t pull off a Community Bank Loan or an SBA Loan, at least they had other options….we got them 4 loan offers. APW chose a Community Bank Loan which was a great choice, very reasonable option and fair rate.

Here’s what Melissa’s said about her experience with Multifunding: “This is an intimidating process and Multifunding held our hand thru the whole thing.  Even though they were on the east coast it seemed like they, were right next door because they checked in every day. They helped us get comfortable about our business success which helped make our decision a little easier. ”