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Anthony Rolan

Rolon Group headquartered in Hollywood, FL and is a holding company for several education related marketing business lines. Anthony Rolon, founder of Rolon Group companies, has more than 20 years professional experience in the private, post-secondary education sector.

How Did MultiFunding Help Rolon Group

“Private lending, even with sufficient revenue and profits, is tough for a small business owner in today’s market.  At a critical time in the growth of our businesses, we were unable to secure the additional capital we needed to bring our companies to the next level.  That changed when I met Ami Kassar, CEO at MultiFunding at an industry trade show.  He is knowledgeable and has many resources at his disposal.  I felt like Ami was part of my team.  More importantly, Ami delivers results.  I would highly recommend MultiFunding to any small business that is growing, expanding or wanting to improve cash flow. ” – Anthony Rolon/CEO Rolon Group