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Domenick Voce

Domenick Voce had been an employee of Atlantic Nursery in Mays Landing, NJ for ten years.    In 2012 he approached the then-current owners about stepping in and buying the business from them.   They were open to doing so as they wanted to leave the business in good hands and Domenic had proven he had the love and knowledge of the business to run it successfully and carry on the tradition.   So the agreement of sale was drawn up and  Domenick now had to find financing.   Because the business is so seasonal this became very difficult.   He was turned away by every bank he approached and felt like his dream of owning his own business may not materialize.

How did MultiFunding help Atlantic Nursery?

One of the banks that declined Domenick suggested he contact MultiFunding because the banker knew MultiFunding were experts at helping small businesses get financing.    After an initial consultation at the location, MultiFunding’s Evan Segal, was able to generate interest from several different more specialized lenders and eventually settled on one lender who was able to fund the purchase of the business and the real estate for Domenick and his two partners.    “Don’t think this would have happened without you”  Domenic was quoted in a text message to Evan.