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Drew Lewis

Estenda Solutions was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Conshohocken, PA .  Estenda Solutions is a software development and consulting company focused on bringing innovative healthcare initiatives from concept to reality. Working with both large organizations and the individual researcher, they enjoy the challenge of helping their client’s initiatives grow.

They were awarded a Fortune 100 company contract that would triple their annual revenue-a huge win for the company!  They needed to hire 10 new skilled technicians to complete the project on time.  But their current line of credit was insufficient to accommodate the significant increase in working capital needed. So their banker called Multifunding and asked for help.

How did MultiFunding help Estenda Solutions?

Multifunding reacted quickly and secured an SBA loan from a non-banker lender, even though the same deal was declined by the SBA department of Estenda’s bank. In addition, we secured two other loan alternatives, a private money lender and a hedge fund loan, just in case the SBA deal did not work out.

“Mutlifunding did a great job in helping us, “ said Drew Lewis, Estenda Solutions President, “and we were impressed that they came up with TWO contingency plans in case the SBA deal didn’t work out. Thank You!”