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Georgette Miller

In May of 2008, Georgette Miller decided that she was done with the grind of working for large law firms. She broke out on her own and started Georgette Miller Law where she concentrates on consumer bankruptcies, represents small businesses, and handles commercial real estate transactions. Georgette’s business grew to four offices across the Mid-Atlantic region. But growth comes with challenges, and Georgette needed a line of credit in order to keep up. Before contacting MultiFunding, she spent months fighting with big banks to try and get a loan. She had no luck.

How did MultiFunding help Georgette?

MultiFunding worked rapidly, and Georgette secured a line of credit from a local community bank.  It was fully funded in 30 days. As a result, she has been able to keep growing, and hire a new attorney and paralegal. For more info, check out