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Andrew Wicklund

Project Risk Consultants, LLC (PRC) is headquartered in Houston, TX. They provide project and risk management solutions for Fortune 500 oil, gas, and construction companies as well as their subcontractors worldwide. The PRC goal for software or consulting is the same. Make it fast, easy, and accurate.

How did Multifunding help PRC

Paul was able to secure a $150K SBA Express loan for owner Andrew Wicklund with a quick 30 day turnaround from start to finish.

Andrew chose to work with Multifunding because he liked our approach, especially the no money up front!  “I thought the fact they (Multifunding) didn’t charge me a fee upfront meant the funding chance is very good.”
Andrew went on to say he received help with every aspect of the process from applying for the loan including assistance with the underwriters. “This is really the type of thing that is hard to do without the help of a consultant unless you just look amazing on paper.”

This loan is allowing PRC to grow a second revenue stream at a much faster rate.