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Vinny Antonio

Victory Marketing Group is a staffing agency that employs talent across the country making them a great resource for experiential marketing agencies nation wide.  Victory was experiencing rapid growth and therefore a cash flow gap due to the nature of his terms with his vendors.  Currently he has 90 day terms with vendors and 30 day terms with his staffers.

How Did MultiFunding Help Vinny?
First introduced to Vinny through a referral partner, MultiFunding was able to fund Victory with an asset based, $500,000 line of credit, aged on receivables which gave him the ability to pay his talent within 21 days.  “What a weight off my shoulders”.
Vinny went on to say  “It was a confusing process for me until MultiFunding educated me about my options. Once I met Ami face to face, I knew I was in good hands and it was easy to trust MultiFunding. I am very satisfied with my decision.”