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Joe McAleer

Senior Director of Business Financing

800.276.0690 ext. 1003

MultiFunding encompasses the superlative client-broker relationship. We truly want to help small business owners, so our principles and structures mirror the exact experience we’d expect if the shoe were on the other foot.

Joe McAleer, Senior Director of Small Business Lending for MultiFunding, has over 12 years of experience in the Finance industry, working within both a small and very large corporate structure across the continental US and Worldwide.

Joe has a very strong analysis background, helping companies track revenue and spending, breaking down and providing areas for potential improvement, and decision-making and strategy implementation to achieve fiscal expectations. Joe has worked both independently and side-by-side with clients in the financial world, developing key strategies to increase and continue profits in an ever-changing economy. He spent over 4 years with Advanta Bank Corp working within the Finance and Accounting departments, quickly becoming a key member of the corporate facilities group and having significant roles in all finance related departments across the company. Joe then spent 3 years with Towers Watson in Philadelphia, working directly with key clients providing financial analysis and cost savings analysis.
Joe attended Rutgers University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with a minor in Business Management. He brings eagerness and a strong desire to help small business owners, as he is a true entrepreneur at heart. Joe is a certified nutritionist, an active individual, and an excited and motivated small business lending director.