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You’re busy running your business, so let us worry about which loan option will best suit your needs. MultiFunding helps businesses obtain various types of financing, from SBA loans to bridge financing. In fact, we have experience delivering financial solutions to small businesses in industries such as Retail, Medical, Online Services, Wholesale, Real Estate, Franchising, Contracting and more.

Working with MultiFunding means working with our vast network of lenders to find the best and most affordable financing options for your business. Put us to work for you – we don’t get paid until we get you financing!

MultiFunding loan experts can help you with:

Franchise Financing
In order to open a franchise, many small business owners need up front cash in order to pay franchise fees and get their operation off the ground. Lenders provide franchise financing to small business owners interested in opening a franchise. MultiFunding has an exclusive franchise partner who specializes in using retirement funds to start a franchise.
SBA (7a, 504, Express, CapLine)
These loans are very similar to traditional bank loans, but are guaranteed (in part, usually) by the Small Business Administration (SBA). This lowers the bank’s risk, which usually means it can offer a more reasonable interest rate. These loans require a fair amount of time – and paperwork – for approval, and aren’t always easy to come by in today’s lending market. SBA loans account for 12% of all business loans by dollar volume.
Asset Based Lending
Asset Based Lending (ABL) to include

Accounts Receivable can be used as collateral in place of physical assets for some lines/loans. This type of financing is common in certain service-based industries or where key assets are leased. Typically, the lender “buys” future A/R receipts with cash up front, at a discount based on historical receipts.

Contract Financing
Unlike other forms of working capital financing, contract financing is specifically designed to aid small businesses that need an advance on their contracted work before a service is completed, but not necessarily before work on a product is complete.

P.O. Financing
When a cash infusion is needed to quickly fulfill an order, lenders can cut a check for the inventory directly to the supplier. This money – plus a fee – is then debited from your account in equal payments over set number of days. Inventory purchase loans can be expensive, but can help you complete a profitable order on short notice.

Equipment Leasing
Instead of locking up substantial capital in an equipment purchase, it may make sense to lease your equipment from the manufacturer or one of the many lenders that specialize in equipment financing.
Working Capital
A working capital loan provides business owners with extra funds in order to expand or improve current business, invest in advertising, or paying off tax payments or existing debt in order to become cash flow positive.
Commercial Mortgages (Owner Occupied, Investment)
A commercial mortgage is a loan issued for the purpose of purchasing or developing commercial land or buildings zoned for commercial purposes. The borrower in these cases is normally a business, not an individual.
Bridge Financing
Companies in need of a short-term cash flow solution may consider bridge financing. A bridge loan is a type of short-term loan pending the arrangement of longer-term financing.
Debt Restructuring
Debt restructuring is a process that allows a company to reduce and renegotiate its delinquent debts in order to improve or restore cash flow when financial hardships strike so that it can continue its day-to-day operations.

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