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Thank you for visiting our website! For the past decade, MultiFunding has been committed to servicing the business and entrepreneurial communities. During this unprecedented time, our commitment is stronger than ever.

We know that as a business owner and entrepreneur, you are concerned about the impact of the Coronavirus on your cash flow. MultiFunding is here to help!

As we prepare to process loans and connect you with a loan adviser, we recommend that you take advantage of the following free resources:

  • Listen to our daily webinars: What the Gov't Stimulus Package Means for Your Busines
  • Visit our community group for detailed Q&A and shared experiences
  • Sign up for our daily updates and notification about when loans will become available
  • Our team is hard at work, digesting the new CARES Act and looking for all the angles to help you and your business. When we are ready for loan consultations, we will re-open our portal.

Let Us Help Finance Your Business

MultiFunding is changing the way businesses think about financing. We get to know our clients (that's you!) first, and then educate them on the best loan options for their business needs.

MultiFunding works with hundreds of lenders across the country that offer different loan programs. Let us help you find the best possible loan program for your business. There is no hourly retainer, no up-front or hidden fees.

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